One thousand years ago on the continent of Aldorath, Shalana Silvermyst, Queen of the Eladrin, united the Seven Kingdoms against the Orcish Hordes and Laminok, their God-King. Together, the eladrin-in-exile kingdom of Tavanion, the elven kingdom of Faerinwold, the dwarven kingdom of Kurdenheim, the halfling kingdom of Dalenshire, the goblin kingdom of Gristamere, and the human kingdoms of Norhast and Summerlund turned back the power of the Orcish Hordes and established their peaceful lands.

Seven hundred years ago, King Aldwyn Tarmoore of Summerlund re-united the Seven Kingdoms formally. Aldwyn’s own twin sister, Adala Tarmoore, had become the terrible Witch Queen, and he led the Seven Kingdoms to victory against her army of Undead and Abominations.

Three-hundred years ago, the Witch-Queen’s evil rose again. This time, however, the goblins of Gristamere betrayed the alliance of the Seven Kingdoms, and the world fell back into darkness.

Now, the need for heroes is greater than ever…

Shards of the Shattered Pact: Seowyn's Crossing

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