• Eustace


    A 20 year old, well-muscled, skittish minotaur cleric
  • Ghost


    A lithe, quick, impulsive and curious 20 year old shifter girl found and raised by elven rangers after her family was killed by goblin raiders when she was 10.
  • Kidalis Havengard

    Kidalis Havengard

    A Paladin whose relation with the primal began with an unusual trip to the fey
  • Rubicus Chillbrow

    Rubicus Chillbrow

    Frost dwarf of the northern continent
  • The Shaper

    The Shaper

    Shardmind Psion
  • Tilly Thistleshanks

    Tilly Thistleshanks

    Halfling weaponmaster and jack-of-all-trades
  • Tristan Holdfast

    Tristan Holdfast

    A young cloudy-headed half-elf who finds himself unexpectedly taught to be a warlock...