Argent Circle

The Argent Circle was a group of five Adventurers who joined together about 1,000 years ago. They are renowned for their battles against the last great incursion of the Far Realm as well as the defeat of the Tarrasque, and the cult that had awoken it. They gained great renown in the years before the Seven Kingdoms forged their alliance. Although many tales have been told about them and their adventures, the truth is likely somewhat obscured by the passage of time. Most stories, however, agree that the group consisted of:

  • Alsarandor Lamandos, Eladrin Warlord from Tavanion
  • Kordothos Mol, Minotaur Fighter from Minostal
  • Shadarak Mithranak, Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut from Azmartheon
  • Yasmira al-Fashid, Stormsoul Genasi Sorcerer from Bedourin
  • Zadraste Krelhariv, Human Druid from Falwyth
  • Argent Circle

    Shards of the Shattered Pact: Seowyn's Crossing aethan