Kebesh Aurumadrath

Kebesh Aurumadrath was a gold-scaled Dragonborn who lived during the time of the War of the God King. She had traveled from her birthplace in Lashakis to Aldorath, seeking honor and glory. Her travels ultimately took her to Tavanion where she joined Gryphon Company. Her bravery, self-sacrifice, combat prowess, and tactical genius ultimately led her into a leaderhip role. In the early years of the War of the God King, she saved the life of Esavola Shalana Silvermyst. For her actions and quick-thinking, the esavola dubbed her a knight, and she went by the title Dame Kebesh ever after.

Years later, during a protracted military operation, Gryphon Company found itself fleeing through the Argent Hills in eastern Tavanion. Shalana was wounded, and Dame Kebesh took her squad to be the rearward guard. She stopped her soldiers near a dragon-like rock formation and declared that they would not allow the Orcish Hordes to make their way through the passes in the hills. They would hold their position until they knew their comrades were safe, then fade back to safety themselves. The orcs would be forced to go around the hills, to retreat, or to fight inch by inch through the passes, any of which would allow the Esavola to escape.

For three weeks, Dame Kebesh held the passes, repelling multiple attacks by orcish forces. As time went on, however, rumors grew that the Esavola had been caught by orcish forces or that a coup had happened and that no relief was coming. In the end, only treachery felled the brave Dragonborn knight. One of her soldiers, Ythmaurg Verenthalak, approached her during one of the battles, and, as orcs rushed towards them, stabbed her in the side with a poisoned blade. In the shock of the moment, Dame Kebesh was caught and killed by the onrushing orcs, and her soldiers turned and fled at last.

Before the orcs could kill many of them, however, elvish archers from Faerinwold arrived to support the Dragonborn. The orcs were forced to retreat, and Dame Kebesh’s body was recovered. In salute to her, the Dragonborn priests of Bahamut declared her Kebeshkrak – Kebesh the Immortal. No other Dragonborn would take her name, so that her fighting spirit might never be diminished by the dishonor of another’s deeds. The Eladrin acknowledged their debt to her with great honor and regret. They renamed the Argent Hills the Kebeshdrai, and the rock formation where she’d made her stand was named Kebeshkrak’s Stone. She is one of the few non-Eladrin recorded in the Eladrin Annals as a hero to the people of Tavanion.

Kebesh Aurumadrath

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