Marids are a race of Elemental beings of water that hail from the Elemental Chaos. During the Dawn War, the marids wisely stayed away from the conflict. Although the Gods do not love them for their neutrality, they appreciated that these wondrous wizards of water didn’t fight alongside the Primordials, and so there was no punishment for them after the conflict.

Marids rarely visit Tol, preferring to dwell in the Elemental Chaos where they create incredible and elaborate palaces of coral under the vast oceans of that plane. They keep many slaves, but they are rarely cruel or capricious with them. Essentially, marids like having nice things, and sometimes that includes people. Many marid lords keep artists, musicians, chefs, and other mortal slaves to make their eternal existence a pleasure.

In particular, marids love stories, and they are incredible storytellers. They are also a very proud people, believing even the lowest of their kind to be superior to their other elemental cousins.



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