Dwarves are a strong and doughty people, kin to the earth and stone their legends say they were created from. They are renowned as crafters and builders, working metal and stone by the methods taught to them by The Thanes of the Five Halls, their gods. The males grow long beards, which they braid, pleat, decorate, and take great pride in. They rule the kingdom of Kurdenheim, and they are part of the Seven Kingdoms, despite their long rivalry with the Northmen.

Some common dwarven phrases:

  • “I’m not tugging your beard.” (Not pulling your leg.)
  • “The lowest mountains have the deepest roots.” (Still waters run deep.)
  • “He’s digging lower than his beard.” (Bitten off more than he can chew.)
  • “You can’t spend slate.” (Money doesn’t grow on trees.)
  • “When you find a good vein, mine it.” (Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.)
  • Dwarf

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